Welcome you new readers I am so glad you took time out of your day to read this new blog and I hope over the rest of the life of it we can help each other learn so much about craft beverages.  Being this is a welcome I’ll tell you about myself.

I’m Scott and man do I love craft beverages.  I have been working in the craft beer industry for 4+ years, capable of brewing beer and mead now.  I would love to try whiskey but due to it be illegal I can not as of now.  Also in that time I have taken up whiskey.  I do not just drink I love learning about what I am drinking.  Every drink has a story and every drink is not that same at every bar.  I want to share my stories and I want to read about yours.  I want to expand my knowledge with yours and hopefully I can do the same with you.  Let’s roll with the journey.


Crafty Scott


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