Hello readers thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to see what is going on the this Crafty world.  After taking a dry week it’s back to enjoy the greatness of some alcohol.  With that I went after my favorite drink yesterday and had an Old Fashioned and from the great stop at Motor City Gas.  It’s time to go and explore though and I’m going on a mission of having an Old Fashioned a day for the next week or more from various bars, distilleries around the Detroit area.  With that comes some rules

All drinks will start with a Rye Whisk(e)y and for the rye it will be Bulliet 95 Rye unless at a distillery then it’ll be their rye.  If Bulliet is not housed it’ll be Buffalo Trace Bourbon. Any special features done will also be noted, ie cherry soaked in whiskey prior, homemade bitter just anything that makes it stand out.

I’ll post all photos and opinions of the drink on my Instagram account @CraftyScott Please know that it’s just an opinion and there is no need to bash.  If you have places in the Detroit area let me know I’ll make a stop.  Thanks again Cheers.

Stay Crafty,


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