Old Fashioned Looking

Hello my readers! I’m sorry I’ve been slacking on these post but if this blog is anything like having children then it’s not my favorite, ok that was ment to be a joke.  Anyway this is an Old Fashioned update.

Since my first post about going out and trying to find some of the best around Detroit I have found that some places just make me say hmmmmmmm. From the bartender not knowing what one is, to getting something that wasn’t and to the no bitter around.  I’ve had a few spots that are spot on and I’m greatful for those.  What I need to take from this is thea it is still great to just meet people and chat it up.  The cold winter days of Detroit life and take a toll on someone.  Maybe the Old Fashioned isn’t all it should be but it is great to just talk with some cool times.  I’ve posted  photos of the Old Fashioneds on the Instagram @craftyscott if you want to check it out.

I’m working on other projects aswell.  Trivia is coming on and I will be hosting classes soon on various craft beer subjects.  Keep checking it out and for updates.

Stay Crafty,


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