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November 5, 2014

Abita Bourbon Street Imperial Stout

Abita provides the beer of the day with their Bourbon Street Imperial Stout.  I love my stouts and can’t pass up a try at an Imperial any time so had to grab this 22 ounces of liquid goodness.  A nice smell rises from the head of the beer but this brew is missing something. I don’t feel stout with it, I’m sorry.  I sip and sip wondering is it playing a game on me it’s a skinny stout I believe. Good bourbon aroma nice head but the mouth is confused.  So take what you want from this review #craftbeer #stout #vote #ivoted #imperialstout #bourbon #barrels

Epic Brewing Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout

What is a better way to finish the day after being locked out of the house than with a nice stout beer?   My beer man Vinny @mugnjug suggested I would like Big Bad Baptist from Colorado’s Epic Brewing. I’m young in the Imperial stage, first to admit but Vinny points at only good so why not.  This whiskey barrel aged stout is that, good stuff. I want to compare but it’s so hard because it’s a crafted work of art like this that you don’t want too, you must just enjoy it and be thankful for it.  It’s that good with the nose loving every sniff before I let the mouth enjoy the cocoa coffee taste and if you know me I love my morning coffee and evening stout. Thank you Epic Brewing for this delicious brew,  I’ll have to buy another and store it for a later date. See it buy it!! #cobeer #colorado #epic #imerialstout #epicbrewing #craftbeet #stout30 # #supportcraft #craftbeerisart #whiskey #barrels #drink #michigan #beerreview #gramarcheck #rookie #enjoy


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