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Hey everyone I hope you have all been well over the past couple weeks.  Fun times are going in the crafty world.  The mead is done fermenting and I am waiting for it to clear up before cherries get added. I’ve been posting on the Instagram account about trivia nights and craft beer. Next week I’ll be focusing on whiskey again and craft distillery’s.  My big project however is with building a Know Your Beer lessons.

With my short time in the beer industry I have found that many people stick with what styles are cool.  I’m not going to go on a rant so no worries there.  I just want to help people learn about the other styles of beer besides the IPA, Stout, Porter and into the other somewhat forgotten styles. Please follow along as I get that together.  If you have not yet it would mean a lot if you would subscribe to the YouTube channel also.  I’m going to start filming shortly with not just reviews but discussions with those in the industry and those that are just great brewfriends and we want to have a drink and talk the talk.  Again thank you all for your support as it means a lot to me.


Stay Crafty,


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After spending 15 years in the Air Force, completing school and now just enjoying some downtime I want to share my travels, drink homemaking goodies with you. From various destinations to drinking some wonderful drinks I'll be writing about the trips.

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