It’s Friday and that means a road trip to a brewery. Today was beer with the buddy, as Marcus and I explored HOMES for lunch. HOMES is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan and no it’s not a typo HOMES gets its name from all the all the Great Lakes.  I had put this visit off for months, I had never been dispointed with their beer and food and knew I needed to get back.

I started with the King Cold Brew before the food came. The KCB was cold brewed with img_5389Honduran coffee and so damn smooth. The coffee doesn’t overwhlem it just was a perfect drink as it flowed with ease. Once the food came round one was small order of Bulgogi Fries.


Yes, Bulgogi fries with bulgogi beef, fries egg, beer cheese, red onion, scallion and sriracha aioli. Once I mixed this goodness all together I had a flashback to memories of being station in Sout Korea and the great good with great beer.  It wasn’t a finger food, I mixed it in a bowl and with a fork I could not stop shoving it in.

I finished eating with the Thai Dry wings and the IPA of Same Same Different. The great mixture of mosaic, cottage and simcoe makes it so damn crushable. If you are in the Detroit area or Ann Arbor it’s a must go.


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