Wednesday night is for some being at the halfway point, for others it just means go enjoy craft beer good food and meet some great people.  So that is what I did tonight as I wasn’t to smart and left at rush hour to drive out to  Sherwood Brewing Company.  Great thing the beer was worth the trip and a smartass bartender was a plus.

When in Michigan you know it is a state that loves it cherries so I had to start out with the Mi (Short for Michigan) Cherry Wit.

Mi Cherry Wit

Mi That went down with ease as it came in a not such pint like but snifter glass.  5.75% in a snifter, you’re killing me smalls I need s’more beer.  Before my pizza came it was time to move on to another beer.

The sourwood Pom-Lemon was going to kick off dinner time with my boring pizza.  The lemon came across nicely for someone who can’t handle true sours like this guy.  It made we read for a BBQ that could only be around the cornor.  When the pizza showed up so did the Morning Wood.

Ok it didn’t take them that long to cook the pizza but pizza and a stout are a good combo.  I must say the pizza had some of the craziest tasting crust I’ve had before and it was on

Morning Wood Stout

point.  The Morning Wood Stout came across like it was ready to concur the day.  Full body and just what ones need to just enjoy.

I had a Leadbelly Oatmeal Stout before  I went back to the cherry to close the night out.  What a great time.  I met some wonderful warming people that just wanted to conversate about baseball and about eachother.  This brewery is a drive but worth it as all the beers were under 6% and the pizza was great.  It was a pleasure meeting Tim, Megan and John as I sat at the bar.  Stay Crafty



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