Mykiss IPA

Beer My Kiss IPA

Brewery BlackRocks Brewing

Location Marquette, Superior, Michigan

Style American IPA

Bottled/Canned/Draft March 27, 2019


Mykiss IPA

Take me back to Opening Day and spending time with friends family and David. That is what sipping on Blackrocks Mykiss IPA brings me back to.  I should have read the can that this beer comes in at 7.2% but the alcohol didn’t come across as much as I thought. The flavor made me think of warmth and a day of fishing in the home and native land.  I picked up some sweetness on the back end as it coated my mouth all in a way I prefer. This is a must grab from the shelves if you see it.

Rating out of 5  4.75  I could drink it again and again and not remember what’s going on

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