Austin Brothers Woody Wheat

Beer Woody Wheat

Brewery Austin Brothers Beer Company  

Location Alpena, Mi

Style Wheat

Bottled/Canned/Draft Not Provided

Austin Brothers Beer Company Woody Wheat


Need a beer that will get you through a BBQ this summer, get this and be well.  It would be a great way to start the BBQ and when the ice cream comes enjoy some more.  The beautiful clarity was is so damn nice, I’m grateful it’s not a canned beer. Didn’t get much head from it but with a woody that happens sometimes :P, unlike this is not a waste of a beer. The vanilla is solid in this beast of a wheat.  I could start a war in Michigan putting this wheat against another seasonal one. Get the Woody be happy
Rating out of 5  5 This beer sells it self.  It’s the official unofficial beer of a summer weekend on a boat in Lake Huron.   

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