Saison Tera a Terrra

Beer Saison Terra a Terra

Brewery Barrel & Beam

Location Marquette, Mi

Style Farmhouse Ale

Bottled/Canned/Draft NA


Just what the doctor ordered.  Coming in a 6.5% abv those Yoopers in The Upper Peninsula of Michigan have a wonderful farmhouse ale here.  I can not believe that Marquette has gone 160+ days without hitting 60+ degrees. Off point but damn that fact is as amazing as knowing this farmhouse ale is an amazing ale.  It has some crazy carbonation to it. The photo doesn’t serve it justice as the head was in abundance. This ale is all around in goodness with a mild spice and some fruitiness.  Nice and dry this ale will be introduced to the good people I BBQ with summer. I’m in love

Rating out of 5  4.25  Just what is needed.  Can’t wait to visit when I head north.  Get it sip it share it enjoy it

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