Spool Toorf Ascension

Beer Spool Toorf

Brewery Ascension Brewing Company

Location Novi, Mi


Bottled/Canned/Draft NA


Spool Toorf

Who the fuck takes fruit loops and makes a beer with them, Ascension does.  The result is this NEIPA. I cracked the can and the haze poured. Carbonation wasn’t high so the head didn’t stick around.  The nose did not get the alcohol flavor but the body of the beer came through. A strong malt with fruity hoppiness was flowing.  As I took my first sip a mild booziness came. The hops and cereal gave the flavor a nice kick as the body was bready.
Rating out of 5  4.5 I like this beer a lot in the NEIPA family of beers.  I could drink a couple on a nice summer day in the future

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