450 North Brewings Jungle Juice Slushy

Beer Jungle Juice Slushy

Brewery 450 North

Location Columbus, In

Style Smoothie Berliner Weiss

Bottled/Canned/Draft NA


From Columbus, Indiana

It is time to get slushy with some 450 North Brewing Company.  The can cracked for this goodness is the Jungle Juice Slushy. With flavors of Passion fruit, coconut, mango, kiwi and pineapple this beer is a solid choice.  The Mango comes through very well and the body of it reminds me of HOMES and their sherbet series of beers. I love getting some of the liquid in my stache so that I can save some for later.    I’ve only had a few of beers that fit this mouth feel and this one fits well. Great job

Rating out of 5  4 I like this beer a lot.  It was a great first for me from 450 and I look forward to trying many more over time.

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After spending 15 years in the Air Force, completing school and now just enjoying some downtime I want to share my travels, drink homemaking goodies with you. From various destinations to drinking some wonderful drinks I'll be writing about the trips.

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