Central State Black Berry

Beer Black Berry

Brewery Central State

Location Indianapolis, In

Style Sour

Bottled/Canned/Draft NA


I wish this can had a date on it.  This is my first crack from Central State. Black Berry is just that black berry mixed with some lactose to give it more of a milkshake feel.  It’s was very lactose forward at first but as I got about halfway through the glass and I’m happy it went away. The tartness comes through upfront with the blackberry in the middle before the lactose finishes it out.  

  Rating out of 5  3.25 just not for me.  I was hoping for more black berry and less lactose.

Published by Crafty Scott

After spending 15 years in the Air Force, completing school and now just enjoying some downtime I want to share my travels, drink homemaking goodies with you. From various destinations to drinking some wonderful drinks I'll be writing about the trips.

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