Kuhnhenn Brewing Triple Bock Lager

Brewery Kuhnhenn Brewing Co

Beer Dark Heathen

Style Triple Bock Lager

Dark Heathen Kuhnhenn Brewing Co

Date 2017

It’s always nice to get away from the big styles of craft beer and enjoy some other artwork.  Kuhnhenn Brewing is one of the oldest in Michigan and produces some of the best beers you can find.  I also like there industry night specials but that’s for another account. Just down the road for me, I love trying as many as I in one sitting…Dark Heathen had to come home with me.  This beautiful reddish color lets me know this isn’t your dads’ lager, ok neither did also 12%. Bock it up the sweet malt and what a delicious beer of art we have. The sweetness is thick, just more to enjoy.  Thinking fire pit or place mellow music and just settle for a slowdown.

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