Cin to Win

Sometimes waterholes close shop. That happen with me nearly two years ago and I thought my favorite cider would be gone forever. Sometimes in life it’s good to be wrong.

Blackgrass Cider Works brought back a smooth vanilla cinnamon cider in Cin to Win. The artwork of the can reminds me of the watering hole and once I crack the can, pour it out and sip memories flow. Unlike the original that was 6.6% this comes in at 6.5%. The flavor kicks and memories flow, more memories will come now that I found a great cinnamon & vanilla cider.

Cin to Win from Black Grass Cider Works

Published by Crafty Scott

After spending 15 years in the Air Force, completing school and now just enjoying some downtime I want to share my travels, drink homemaking goodies with you. From various destinations to drinking some wonderful drinks I'll be writing about the trips.

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