About Crafty

With over 40+ years of living on a this rock known as Earth Crafty Scott has had a journey that now allows him to live a lifestyle of his choosing. But enough with the third person what is the story?

Born and raised in Michigan I was fortunate to travel the world while being in the United States Air Force. I had a few goals while I was in, get that pension and live in Italy. Both were accomplished and when my time was up I moved back to Michigan This is where I wanted my hobby to takeover but it took longer than expected. A failed marriage, getting that degree I kept kicking it down the road. That was until 2020 and we all know what changed the world then. I also wanted change and in 2021 I bought my house that has an amazing yard and I was going to dive into gardening and the journey of becoming self-sustained.

With the journey of self sustainment rolling I’ve been able to look back at the past 8 years and learn some great stuff. From brewing beer in 2014, 2016 expanding to brew my own mead and hard ciders. I went back to school finished a BA degree and in 2021 I started to make jerky. From jerky to the garden in 2022 I’ve gotten to become a jack of all trades and a master of none. To add to learning more I got my smoker and enjoy smoking bacon, salmon. With all that it is better to be a jack of many then master of one. With all those I branded Crafty into them all.

How did I get the nickname Crafty? I bartend and I have a common name. A customer who is an electrician also shared my name and we would always respond when we heard it. Well to get past that I started to refer to him as Electric and others would call me Crafty due to craft beer. The more you know.


My first garden 2014 Italy
Pallet made garden stand 2014 Italy
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