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As year one was coming to an end in my garden I was looking forward to the 2023 growing season and how could I get a head start. The garden shed is a great spot to have a project, so with that came the grow room. It’s around 30sqft and will allow me to have a plentiful veggie garden over the winter. I have brought in some outside lettuce plants to see if they can continue to produce, oh what a journey.

Round 1 Reflective walls
Tray one

To focus more on the garden life I’ll save the trouble of everything I did and just jump to the use of reflective walls. I stapled emergency blankets up to reflect the light from the LED lights. I placed grow lights on a card playing table planted some seeds and was off.

I was a few days into the process and like anyone I thought there is a way to make this even better, so why not have another project. It was time to make a Home Depot run and get some lumber for a wall. This wall would do the same as the other, be use to reflect light. Project time is a great time and I had some extra time to get at it.

I took the measurements and 3 1/2 ft x 6ft later I had the frame for the wall. Oh playing with toys is so much fun. Another emergency blanket was use for reflective reasons and the was was attached just past the opening. The projects are not done yet because once one is another begins. Over the next few days I’ll be adding a reflective portable roof. With that will come a stand to hold the grow lights and this should top off the garden shed for the winter of 2023.

Thank you for coming along and catching up on what is going on at A Crafty Garden. Stay crafty you amazing people.


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