November 21, 2022

I need to make these post more often. It’s been 11 days since I last updated any progress with the indoor garden and just like this past years outdoor, I’m learning a lot with what needs to happen. This past week was a chilly one is SE Michigan. Temperatures were in the teens like weContinue reading “November 21, 2022”

Box Building with the Boys

This past Saturday was a beautiful day to get ready for the upcoming garden season. Looking back to last year I am about a month behind, I’m not to worried I’ll have my shit together soon. So I invited some buddies over to assist in building garden boxes to get the season rolling. We knockedContinue reading “Box Building with the Boys”

Let’s Jerk some meat

Well, it’s been almost two weeks since I started making dehydrated jerky. I have only used top round meat and many sauces. I’ve done Teriyaki, BBQ, Sweet & Sour to name a few and man have I learned a lot. One is how to cut down on my cost. I’ve noticed that my jerky afterContinue reading “Let’s Jerk some meat”