Brewery Pigeon Hill Beer Oatmeal Cream Pie Style Brown ABV6% Are you down with OCP?  Ok sorry, first I should have asked have you had OCP from pigeon Hill?  I can sum this beer up to easy, liquid Little Debys Oatmeal Cream Pie. A wonderful brown ale that has a clearish look.  The nose is … Continue reading


Austin Brothers Beer Co. Sumo Sumatra Imperial Stout

Brewery Austin Brothers Beer Co Beer Sumo Sumatra Imperial Stout ABV 11.4% Canned on Date unreadable  Does your favorite brewery produce your favorite beer?  I can respectfully say no but I can say my favorite brewery does produce some of the best beers.  Austin Brothers Beer Co produces some of the best beers I’ve ever … Continue reading Austin Brothers Beer Co. Sumo Sumatra Imperial Stout

Central State Black Berry

Beer Black Berry Brewery Central State Location Indianapolis, In Style Sour Bottled/Canned/Draft NA Review I wish this can had a date on it.  This is my first crack from Central State. Black Berry is just that black berry mixed with some lactose to give it more of a milkshake feel.  It’s was very lactose forward … Continue reading Central State Black Berry