About Crafty

Crafty Scott

Do you have that one friend that just likes to try everything? Luckily he or she isn’t the hold my beer watch this, well if you like those type of people you’ll like me Crafty.

With my time on Earth I have had the great adventures of travel and consuming some of the greatest beers and some not so great ones. My travels have allowed me to pursue a drink in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the States. To say I’ve drank my share of ales and lagers is well known with those I have crossed paths with.

As my travels have slowed a little I’ve taken up enjoy the craft beers of Michigan and the surrounding states. With that I’ve learned to brew beers and mead. I’m a self taught beer guy. I’ve hosted various tastings, bus tours and trivia events related to beer and other popular events.

Thank you for checking out CraftyScott.com I hope I keep you entertained with post of the past and in the future.

Here you will get to view my blog, beer reviews, upcoming events I’m hosting and other great stuff I look to bring along over the next few years.

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