Worm Castings

It’s been just over a year that I started a worm farm. I learned a lot in this time and today I was rewarded. Some things I learned is make eggshell into a powder, blend the food up and rotate where you place it, people think you’re crazy because you have a worm farm. WithContinue reading “Worm Castings”

Learning to learn

Hey everyone I hope you have all been well over the past couple weeks.  Fun times are going in the crafty world.  The mead is done fermenting and I am waiting for it to clear up before cherries get added. I’ve been posting on the Instagram account about trivia nights and craft beer. Next weekContinue reading “Learning to learn”

Video and Transfer Time

My readers I hope that you had a great Presidents Day, for the Americans and everyone else just had a wonderful Monday.  Today was a fun day for me I recorded some video with editing of it later to make my transfer video of a Clover honey mead I got going.  It’s avalible on theContinue reading “Video and Transfer Time”


Welcome you new readers I am so glad you took time out of your day to read this new blog and I hope over the rest of the life of it we can help each other learn so much about craft beverages.  Being this is a welcome I’ll tell you about myself. I’m Scott andContinue reading “Welcome”