Learning to learn

Hey everyone I hope you have all been well over the past couple weeks.  Fun times are going in the crafty world.  The mead is done fermenting and I am waiting for it to clear up before cherries get added. I’ve been posting on the Instagram account about trivia nights and craft beer. Next weekContinue reading “Learning to learn”

Going into Dry Week

Hello readers I hope everyone is having a great first few days in the New Year.  As this week comes to an end I’m prepping up for my first Dry Week in a long time.  It’s a business week break that is much needed after the holidays.  I also uploaded it in my phone toContinue reading “Going into Dry Week”

What is your Whisk(e)y?

Hello my readers I hope everyone on of you are having a great day and thank you for taking time out to hopefully respond to the question I have.  It is an easy question, ok it is not.  There are some rules to this question, you must have drank it before, you can not bashContinue reading “What is your Whisk(e)y?”