Fruit Smoothie Version II

Brewery Untitled Art Beer Fruit Smootie V2 StyleFruit ABV 4.5% Carrot orange is what I saw as this was poured from the can.  Fruit Smoothie Version 2 is containing some orange, carrot, apple, mango, and banana. Not getting a smoothie body with the drink but the juiciness flows so damn good.  I need about 80 … Continue reading Fruit Smoothie Version II


Central Waters BBA Scotch Ale

It’s inventory week so I’m cutting back on some classics that have been on the shelf awhile. Today’s inventory selection is a 2015 Central Waters BBA Scotch Ale. Hot damn time did not kill this beer. It is a beautiful sipper with the woodiness of the barrel hitting hard with the flavors of the ale. … Continue reading Central Waters BBA Scotch Ale