Crafty Trivia Nights

Want to test your customers knowledge in various fields? Let me host a trivia night for your customers that will be the most entertaining night they will have. Trivia can last from 20 questions up to 75. All questions are multiple choice as participants use a smartphone to answer questions

When & Where

Trivia Nights currently take place at Michigan Beer Growler every Tuesday at 730pm (1930) . Michigan Beer Growler can be located at 31221 Southfield Rd, Beverly Hills, Mi 48025

Please contact me if you would like to schedule a trivia night. Price ranges from $75-$120 an event*.

Previous Trivia Nights Held

Michigan Craft Beer Volume 1 & 2, Happy Gilmore & Billy Madison, Dazed & Confused, 2019 So Far, Mike Judge Night, The Sandlot, Episode 1-6 Star Wars, Hops, Beer Styles and Craft Beer

Future Trivia Nights

Please check out Crafty Scott’s Facebook page for more upcoming trivia night information. If you would like to book a trivia night please click here to contact and set up a date


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