Arvon Brewing Company’s Detour Reef NEIPA

Beer: Detour Reef

Brewery Arvon Brewing Company

Location: Grandville, Michigan


Bottled/Canned Date March 21, 2019

DeTour Reef

About the Beverage Detour Reef comes from Arvon Brewing Co in Grandville, Michigan.  This is the first I have seen of their beers on the shelf of my local go to spot.  I love the can as it brings the thought of warmer weather coming to Michigan with the great art work of a light house featured on the can.  They say this is part of their Lighthouse Series and I’ll have to keep an eye out for the other ones when they come available.  I may just have to make a trip to the brewery this summer and pay a visit

Rating out of 5:4.5 out of 5 I’ll be on the lookout for Arvons beers this summer and be sure to try them.  Great mouth feel and great beer 

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