Foundation Brewing Valkyrie’s Song

Brewery Foundation BC Beer Valkyrie’s Song Style DIPA ABV ??? I’m listening to The Last Kingdom Soundtrack as I write this.  Let’s get real Vikings were some of the great people in human evolution.  Rumor is Indians (Native Americans) ran them from Canada, Canada of all places..history is written by those who won, thanks to … Continue reading Foundation Brewing Valkyrie’s Song


Fruit Smoothie Version II

Brewery Untitled Art Beer Fruit Smootie V2 StyleFruit ABV 4.5% Carrot orange is what I saw as this was poured from the can.  Fruit Smoothie Version 2 is containing some orange, carrot, apple, mango, and banana. Not getting a smoothie body with the drink but the juiciness flows so damn good.  I need about 80 … Continue reading Fruit Smoothie Version II

Imperial Neapolitan

Brewery Saugatuck Beer Imperial Neapolitan Style Imperial Stout ABV 10% Crazy weather this past weekend in Michigan.  With that comes a time to drink some stouts, to be honest, stout season is every season.  As I work on my Gift Box from Saugatuck I’m going to sip on Imperial Neapolitan.  The body is richer in … Continue reading Imperial Neapolitan

The Ghost of Neapolitan White Stout

Brewery Saugatuck Brewing Company Beer The Ghost of Neapolitan Style Stout ABV 6% Summer is so damn close.  With that comes ice cream and why not pregame with the delicious Ghost of Neapolitan White Stout from Saugatuck Brewery.  This comes from a gift box set that I gifted to myself for starting a new job.  … Continue reading The Ghost of Neapolitan White Stout

Kuhnhenn Brewing Triple Bock Lager

Brewery Kuhnhenn Brewing Co Beer Dark Heathen Style Triple Bock Lager Dark Heathen Kuhnhenn Brewing Co Date 2017 It’s always nice to get away from the big styles of craft beer and enjoy some other artwork.  Kuhnhenn Brewing is one of the oldest in Michigan and produces some of the best beers you can find.  … Continue reading Kuhnhenn Brewing Triple Bock Lager